Professional LinkedIn profile for entrepreneurs

Professional LinkedIn profile for entrepreneur tips

  1. Your headline section should mention you are an entrepreneur
  2. Use photos and videos that show you as an entrepreneur in action
  3. Your entrepreneur focused LinkedIn Profile should be written in the 1st person to add a more personal touch
  4. Your entrepreneur achievements must be listed to show your abilities as an entrepreneur
  5. Your profile photo must give the impression that you are an entrepreneur
  6. It would help if you used entrepreneur keywords in your profile
  7. It is highly recommended that your clients endorse you as a successful entrepreneur on your LinkedIn profile
  8. You should have some form of contact on your profile so clients can contact you
  9. If you do not have a LinkedIn business page, ensure your business has one

Your profile should be written in a manner that resembles an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, when you are looking to expand your professional brand, having a fully developed LinkedIn profile is a must. The following are some of the critical benefits for entrepreneurs in creating a compelling LinkedIn profile:

  1. Get more eyes on your entrepreneur brand as LinkedIn is a place of discovery for many customers
  2. Customers will search for you. If you do not have a developed profile, you will lose creditability as an entrepreneur with your customer base.
  3. Easy way to promote and develop your brand as an elite entrepreneur.
  4. Show your worth as an entrepreneur with client endorsements. Think of yelp for entrepreneurs.
  5. Your LinkedIn page can act like a landing page that can funnel customers into your entrepreneur sales cycle.

How to write professional  LinkedIn profile for entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you must create your LinkedIn profile with this focus in mind. To achieve this, it is recommended you follow these guidelines.

List your achievement as an entrepreneur

The most crucial point I recommend for entrepreneur profiles is to create one that you list out your entrepreneur achievements. As an entrepreneur, to make an impact on your audience reading your profile, they need to see what you have achieved to quantify you as an expert entrepreneur.

Your LinkedIn photo should make you look like an entrepreneur

When people think of an entrepreneur, they have a visual in their mind of someone who dresses well and looks successful. Therefore, I highly recommend you use a photo on LinkedIn that makes you look like an entrepreneur.

Use entrepreneur keywords

It would help if you used entrepreneur keywords in the area that you are looking to attract your client base from. In the keyword section, you should add the 50 words you have an option to post with.

For more information, check out our LinkedIn profile writing guide.

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Steven Mostyn

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