Professional LinkedIn profile for business development

Professional LinkedIn profile for Business Development tips

  1. You should be honest with your content. People value and trust sincere people, especially when it comes to buying from someone. As a business development professional, you should come across as honest and sincere.  
  2. Do not use your LinkedIn profile for over spamming clients. It is ok to use your LinkedIn profile for selling to your clients but over spamming with not make you sales.
  3. In the summary and headline area on your profile, it must clearly mention you are a Business Development professional and mention the products or services you sell.
  4. At your current role, upload a photo that shows you as a Business Development professional. An example might be you at a trade show or a photo of the product or service you sell. You might need your company’s permission for this.
  5. Use SEO with keywords in the area that you sell for. Also, other words for business development
  6. You should use content that sells you and the products and services you sell. Think of marketing material that you send to clients.
  7. It is a must that you list how to contact you by listing your business phone, email, and any other ways for your customer to contact you.
  8. To add credibility to you as a Business Development professional, get endorsements from clients who value you.
  9. If you do not have a high-quality LinkedIn photo of yourself, you must ensure you get one.
  10. To make your LinkedIn profile stand out, use a background photo.

Being a business development professional, it is a must you have a LinkedIn profile that matches your experience. Some of the benefits a business development professional gains with having a great LinkedIn profile include:  

  1. Potential customers will find you when searching for the products or service you sell
  2. Build your influence and brand as a business development expert
  3. Customers will research you to see if you exist
  4. You can use it to sell your products or service with product descriptions
  5. Shows trust to your customers that you are an expert

How to write professional  LinkedIn profile for business development

To ensure you create a LinkedIn profile that is suitable for a business development professional, you should follow these recommendations.

Dress for Success as a business development professional

As a business development professional, how you appear is as important as what you sell. Dress for success by ensuring your profile headshot photo makes you look like a successful business development professional. Part of this includes wearing good quality suits and other high-quality apparel.

List your contact information

On LinkedIn, there is currently no rule about listing out your phone and email and other contact info. Make it easier for a potential customer to find you by listing your contact information. As a business development professional, you want to be seen and contacted, so you should list your contact info on your profile.

Research SEO for Business Development for LinkedIn

To be found by potential clients list words related to business development likes sales, account management. Also, find words related to the products you are selling. For example, if you sell investments, you could also list CFP, Mutual Funds, Stocks, and other related words.  

For more information, check out our LinkedIn profile writing guide.

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Steven Mostyn

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