Professional LinkedIn profile for a product manager

Professional LinkedIn profile for product manager tips

  1. If you have permission, post pictures of the products you have helped to create.  
  2. If you have permission, describe in detail the products you have helped to create.
  3. Clearly list the sector you have worked in as a product manager.
  4. List any awards or achievements that your products have obtained.
  5. Use optimization words for Product manager and key phrases in your industry.  
  6. The first section must mention you as a product manager and your industry.
  7. You must ensure your profile has correctly been checked for spelling and grammar.
  8.  List all your certifications in your industry.
  9. Get colleagues to endorse your skills as a product manager.
  10. Make sure your product manager content is straightforward and easy to read.

You are a product manager who has built a career on your ability to create and launch products. Outside of the companies, you have worked out; no one might know your accomplishments as a product manager. To ensure your expertise is known, you must create the perfect product manager’s LinkedIn profile. See below for some critical reasons why you want to build your product manager, Linkedin profile.

  1. Employers might contact you about new roles
  2. Gain credibility for your work and achievements  
  3. Get contacted for other monetizing subjects as a product manager expert like consulting gigs, speaking engagements, writing, and other things.
  4. Connect with other experts and learn about advances in your field.
  5. Help your company win customers by showcasing the products you have created or launched

How to write professional  LinkedIn profile for product manager

The following instructions are advised for building out your product manager profile on LinkedIn.  

Post pictures of your products

You should post pictures of the products you have launched or developed. Products are visual, and if people see them, they will demonstrate your expertise. Make sure you have permission before posting the pictures.

You should describe the products you have developed

In your LinkedIn profile, to clearly illustrate your effectiveness as a product manager, you must describe in detail the products you have developed and or launched. Again, make sure you have permission.

List any product awards or achievements

To enhance your reputation as a product manager, list out any achievements or awards you have obtained for any of your products.

For more information, check out our LinkedIn profile writing guide.

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Steven Mostyn

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