How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job?

One of the most popular sites to find and get a job from is LinkedIn. The interesting thing is
many people do not use this tool the right way and miss out on many job opportunities. The
following article will describe in detail many ways to look for a job on LinkedIn, which
in turn will help you get a job.

Job Search Function on LinkedIn

If you were to ask most people who got a job off LinkedIn, they would tell you they found it in
the job search section located on the top of your LinkedIn page. Now what might have made the
difference to those who found jobs is how they used the search tool. Below are some essential
tips in handling the job search function.

Set up Job Alerts in LinkedIn

To ensure you do not miss out on jobs, set up job alerts. Job alerts will give you alerts of jobs
when they come up by sending you email alerts. Setting up job alerts is as simple as clicking on
the Job alert button in the job search section and typing in your preference of Job title and
location. By setting up the job alert, you will get an easy way to hear about possible jobs.
Use the Advanced Job Search function on LinkedIn

Most job seekers, when using LinkedIn, just simply type in title and location and ignore the
advanced Job search function. This tool will allow you to expand the criteria of your job search.
To use the advanced job function you need first to put the job title and location and then what
will pop up at the top is a list of searchable topics such as Sort by, Date Posted, LinkedIn
Features, Company, and Experience level. Type in different options to narrow your job search
and find your next job faster.

Experiment with Job Titles on LinkedIn

Many jobs are called different things by different organizations, and I recommend you search for
jobs using different titles. For example, a software developer might also be called a programmer,
Engineer and even can be labeled the technology they work with, such as Java consultant. I
recommend you take note of what companies are calling your profession and use these in your
job search. You will be surprised at how many more jobs you will find.

Let Recruiters find you on LinkedIn

Many job seekers forget that LinkedIn is considered a searchable database for recruiters when
they are looking to hire someone for a job. In order to be found more on recruiter searches, you
need to create an effective profile. Below are some essential tips.

Your LinkedIn Profile Needs the Right Job Title

We discussed above that when looking for a job; you need to use different job titles when
looking for a job. This is not true for your LinkedIn profile as you need to have a job title that is
the most common searchable title in your profession and region. For example, if you are an ED
Nurse and your local area called ED nurse ER Nurse, then ER should be in your title. Also, you
can combine both titles in case both pop up on a job search. For example, you can call yourself
in your LinkedIn profile title ER ED Registered Nurse. Titles are the most important thing on
your profile, so, therefore, you should sure your job title is one that recruiters search for.

You should use SEO in your LinkedIn profile.

If you do not know what SEO it? It is merely using keywords to rank higher on databases or
search engines. In LinkedIn case it is using keywords to rank higher on recruiters’ searches of
candidates. To find out what are the most common searchable words in your profession, you can
search on google for standard professional terms. You can also find SEO words in your
profession by looking at recent job posts in your field and see what common words are looked
for by recruiters. Another way to rank hirer on recruiters’ lists is to connect with more people on
LinkedIn, especially recruiters, as that also helps to rank you higher on LinkedIn searches.

Join LinkedIn Professional Groups to Find Jobs

Many recruiters post jobs in professional groups on LinkedIn, as there is no cost. As there could
be some jobs not posted directly on LinkedIn but only on LinkedIn groups, I would recommend
joining groups in your profession. To find the group simply click the Work Icon at the top of
your LinkedIn home page, and it will give you an option of groups. From there, you simply type
in your profession in the search bar on top, and you will discover different groups. I recommend
finding groups with lots of members and local groups if possible.

Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn to Find jobs

An effective way to land a job via LinkedIn is to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn. This might
be scary for many, but it should not be. Ninety-Nine percent of recruiters will go except your
innovation to connect on LinkedIn as their goal is to network with people they are recruiting for.
If a recruiter does not accept your request to connect, it means they either are lousy at their job,
or their profile is an old profile they no longer use. Once you are a first connection on LinkedIn
, recruiters are more likely to connect with you about the roles they have. To find recruiters
simply type in the word recruiter for companies and industries you want to work for and send
them a request to connect.

Ask Recruiters Directly on LinkedIn About Jobs

A method to find a job on LinkedIn that many people do not think about is to contact recruiters
directly about jobs. This might be the most challenging way job seekers to find a new job on
LinkedIn but none the less a great way to get a job. For starters, do not be afraid to send a
message to recruiters as many of them will be delighted you are saving them time by
contacting them directly. If a recruiter is not glad to hear from you, then they are not an excellent
recruiter and are doing you a favor by ignoring your message as they are most likely useless to
work with.

It is recommended you only send recruiters messages about jobs you are qualified for
as; otherwise, the recruiters will not take you seriously. Also, you can take a chance and
message recruiters saying you are looking for roles and send them your resume. This could result
in you finding about roles before they go public as the recruiter might keep you in mind before
their job goes live. Again, make sure you have a skill a recruiter will need if you are going to
contact them. Also, keep in mind you are doing a massive favor for the recruiter by contacting
them directly as any recruiter worth their weight in gold appreciated the time saved of people
coming to them directly.

LinkedIn Should be the Main Focus to Land a Job

From the many avenues to look for a job on LinkedIn, it should be on the top of any job seekers
list. For many job seekers, this has resulted in them finding their next job, and therefore it is a
must for all job seekers.

Steven Mostyn
Steven Mostyn

Steven Mostyn, MBA is the CEO of LP Writers - The most effective and innovative LinkedIn Writing Services. Steven is a LinkedIn Certified Expert.

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